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“We build what you dream.” Drawing from artist and owner Tim Sharp’s 40 years of experience in forging and fabrication, your custom made furnishings will represent craftsmanship only found from the hands of a practiced artisan. A showcase of creativity that reflects Tim Sharp’s respect of the metal medium, Iron Design Center opened its doors to the public and trade more than 20 years ago. In that time we have offered a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for clients to realize their design goals with our knowledgeable design team. Whether by phone, email, or in person we look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve the aesthetic you are looking for in your next project.

Tim Sharp

Tim SharpFirst, I would like to thank all of our wonderful customers for supporting our art. Most people say we are very creative. I feel the real creativity starts with our customers. When you decide to explore the idea of living with an iron piece in or around your home we only facilitate your creativity and build upon your ideas. I would also like to thank all the terrific people who have seen our pieces and took the time to let us know how much they enjoy the visit to our website or our showroom. When you do decide to do a project with us, your appreciation of our work is the real payment and like ironwork will live on with us long past any monetary considerations. So I do the work because I love the metal and the art-and our clients inspire us to be creative. I’ve been working with iron, copper, brass, and stainless steel for over 40 years. We also work with other artists to incorporate blown glass, wood, various stones and fabrics to finish any of the pieces we create. Our goal is to make you love our work as much as we do by giving you more than you expect. Contractors have told me that after we install an exotic railing people no longer notice their beautiful woodwork or intricate marble and granite floors. They go straight to the ironwork and run their hands over it. Iron has a wonderful energy about it that shines through when it is properly designed, fabricated, and finished. Enjoy our website and maybe you’ll fall in love with it too.

Tim Sharp